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    The Samsung tablet every room comes with is a valuable tool that allows you to control everything in your room, from the lights and blinds, to the temperature and TV. Change the temperature from heat to cold, and from lower to higher, turn on-off the lights in the bathroom, work surface, entrance and window, adjust the blinds, control the TV, and also change the hidden lighting color depending on your mood.

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  • MAP

    Use the map to see exactly where you are, check out the closest metro and bus stops, nearest archaeological sites, churches, stores, etc., and the exact distance from where you are.

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    The hotel provides complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi internet access, and apart from the Samsung tablet each room comes with, there are 3 Apple Mac computers in the business center and the lobby that all guests can use.

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  • TV

    All rooms come with a 43-inch LG Smart TV. The TV has a wealth of smart features -map, local info, weather info, alarm, and hotel messaging- aside from local, international and satellite channels, and can be fully controlled from the in-room tablet. The tablet works as a regular remote, allowing you to turn on/off the TV, change the channels, and set the volume.

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  • INFO

    Valuable info regarding the hotel services and amenities, the area and Athens is fully accessible from the TV, tablet and the hotel’s dedicated app.

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    Check out the local and international weather from the TV and tablet, and be prepared accordingly. The weather in Athens is usually mild throughout the year, with hot, dry summers and temperatures that can reach up to 40o C, and mild, somewhat wet winter seasons, with temperatures that do not usually drop below 10o C.

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    Set the alarm on the TV or the tablet yourself, and never be late for any appointment whether for business or leisure.

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Kubic Smart Technology

The Kubic Hotel is the first smart technology embracing hospitality establishment in Greece, introducing a whole new class of tech-savvy, design-focused hotels, and already setting high digital standards for the local tourism industry. The hotel has a dedicated interactive app that enables guests to check-in, check-out, control the room temperature, turn on, off and dim the lights, open the door, navigate the TV, and also find information regarding the hotel, and the area. And for those who do not wish to download the app, each room comes with a Samsung tablet that enables guests to do exactly the same.


High-speed Wi-Fi encircles the entire hotel, there are 3 Apple Mac computers available for use -two in the business center and one in the lobby-, while the conference room has a projector and the infrastructure to host a 50 people meeting. The hotel has no traditional reception, but more of an info desk, where guests can get the help they need, if something is unclear. It’s what we call Smart Technology Enhanced Accommodation.


Tech-related room & hotel amenities

  • Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the hotel
  • In-room Samsung tablets (to control various room functions)
  • Hotel interactive app
  • Apple Mac computers for guest use
  • Audiovisual equipment in the conference room
  • In-room USB ports
  • In-room VoIP Phones
  • 5 in-room electrical outlets
  • Printer for guest use
  • Web check-in/check-out

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