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Archaeologists Discover Ancient Curse Tablets in Athens Well

February 18, 2020
Archaeologists Discover Ancient Curse Tablets in Athens Well

A major, and a bit spine-tingling, archaeological discovery was made recently in Athens‘ downtown neighborhood of Kerameikos (Ceramicus) by archaeologists from the German Archaeological Institute of Athens.


A total of thirty well-preserved curse tablets dating back to the Classical period (2,500 years ago) were found in an ancient well which was originally discovered back in 2016, when other everyday objects — but not the tablets — were found.

The ancient tablets have curses engraved on them which Athenian citizens would pay to have made against other people, a practice which was relatively common in ancient Greece.



The German Archaeological Institute, which has been conducting continuous research in the broader Kerameikos area since the early 1900s, has discovered more than 6,500 burial sites there, making Kerameikos indisputably the main burial site of ancient Athens.



Athens named Europe’s second ‘Best Destination for 2020’



The curse tablets were found accidentally in 2020, while archaeologists were investigating the supply of water to a 1st century BC bathhouse which was close to the well.

Ancient Greeks were known to use the method of engraving curse tablets and attaching them to wells or tombs in order to curse someone with whom they had serious differences.

They would place the tablets near tombs because they believed that the souls of the dead would carry these curses to the gods of the underworld.

Sorcery was not an accepted practice in Athens, so this was seen as an alternative for all those who believed in the power of evil, in which they would invoke the gods of the underworld who, in their turn, would make the curse a reality.

Normally, people would curse someone they hated for personal reasons, or perhaps someone who they were fighting in court.

Athletes also tended to engage in this unique practice, apparently in an attempt to bring bad luck upon their opponents.

Even ordinary merchants were known to curse the owners of rival businesses, in an effort to bring good luck to their stores and bad luck to those of the others.

According to archaeologists, Ancient Greek curse tablets never mentioned the name of the one who was placing the curse, but only the name of the man or the woman to whom the curse was directed.


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Athens named Europe’s second ‘Best Destination for 2020’

February 10, 2020
European Best Destinations

Athens has been voted the number two European destination for 2020 from 20 “must-see locations” that made the finalists’ list of contenders for the prestigious title organised by European Best Destinations



More than 600,000 people voted for their favourite European destination with Colmar in France taking the number one spot, Tbilisi in Georgia coming in third, Vienna in Austria fourth and Cascais in Portugal named fifth best.

The competition was held for the 11th consecutive year by the Brussels-based organisation European Best Destinations (EBD), in collaboration with Europe’s leading tourist agencies.

The Greek capital competed with 19 popular European cities: Menorca, Spain; Bydgoszcz, Poland; Sibiu, Romania; Vienna Austria; Prague, Czech Republic; Cascais, Portugal; Namur, Belgium; Reykjavic, Iceland; Rochefort Ocean, France; Cork, Ireland; Heviz, Hungary; Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Berlin, Germany; Tbilisi, Georgia; Rijeka, Croatia; Madrid, Spain; Paris, France; Rome, Italy; and Colmar, France.






EBD announced that Athens is:

“trendier than ever and is a city in constant evolution. Tradition meets modernity in museums and shops, restaurants and bars in Athens. Along with Rome, Athens is the cradle of our civilizations; it is an incredibly dynamic, lively, sparkling open-air museum. With equal measures of grunge and grace, Athens merges the past with the present effortlessly. A city of paradoxes and great contrasts, in the country that first invented the courtesy and generosity towards people who are far from their home, hospitality (xenia).”


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Nightlife hotspots in Athens

February 5, 2018

The capital of Greece offers to the lovers of night and entertainment some vivid activities

Athens is a city that never sleeps. Many say that Athens actually “lives” at night. This claim is, at some level, true. No other city offers so many night activities as this ancient and at the same time modern city. There are actually many activities: ancient Greek tragedy in a theater which dates back to the same period as the play was written; orchestras of international fame playing from Beethoven to Jazz in one of the most modern music centers in Europe; music venues and clubs considered to be unique for their variety and originality.

The capital of Greece offers to the lovers of night and entertainment some vivid activities. Whatever you decide to do, you will soon discover that Athens nightlife, with its offered variety and special choices, allows you to entertain yourself all night long. The only problem is that the next day you will have to visit many and remarkable sights. You can begin your night in a nice restaurant or in one of the typical Greek taverns, which are everywhere in the city. The atmosphere in all Greek restaurants is simple, relaxing and friendly and the food amazing. You can visit a tavern with bouzoukia (live Greek music) or go to a modern bar, club, disco-bar and bar with orchestra, which gather many people and play different kinds of music. All these places can be found in central areas or in the suburbs (Kifissia, Faliro, Glyfada, Vouliagmeni, Voula, Varkiza etc).

It is said that a night at the bouzoukia is an unforgettable experience. During your stay here, it is worth to visit one of them to hear original Greek music, to sing and dance with the locals.


Hotspots in the Center of Athens

• Gázi
It is THE hotspot of Athens and not unjustly so: “mezé” tavernas (=restaurants where you can dine on middle dishes instead of individual main ones) restaurants of international cuisine, delicious “souvlaki” restaurants, pop, (hard) rock, mainstream, swing and retro, gay and lesbian bars and clubs, galleries, fringe theatres – you name it! And all that just a stone’s throw from the city center and accessible by the metro (“Kerameikos” station).

• Thissío
Thissío is popular with Greeks and tourists alike who want to have a coffee or a drink marvelling at the Acropolis which catches their eye and dominates the scenery. It is undoubtedly the favourite walk trail of the Athenians.

Right at the foot of the Acropolis hill, it is the traditional part of the city where time seems to have stopped at the 19th century. Folk music and dancing in Greek restaurants as well as tavernas and cozy cafes are the best choice here.

• Monastiráki and Psirrí
Right next to Thissío and still at the foot of the Acropolis, this wide area recalls the Orient: low buildings, narrow cobbled streets, a flea market, almost no access to the cars. Alternative bars and stylish restaurants lie side by side with old-fashioned cafes, Greek tavernas and shops of all kinds. Live Greek music in Greek restaurants is a possibility too.

• Kolonáki
In the night, spirits are high also in the business area of the downtown where the famous boutiques keep the branches. Trendy bars and gourmet restaurants for all tastes see the Athenians return to the area where they work but this time to dance the night away. The area is brimful of art galleries too.

• Exárhia
The rock side of the city. Here students, youngsters, alternative people share their views having a drink or a dinner in rather inexpensive restaurants and bars.


• Syntagma
In the area around Syntagma, as well as the streets that lead to Monastiraki you’ll find numerable new hangouts that complete Athens’ nightlife: Romvis, Kolokotroni, Thiseos and many more cobbled narrow roads gather crowds that let themselves to the music’s rhythms and hip cocktails. Karytsi and Agia Eirini squares are considered highlight areas by the Athenians.

•Karytsi Square
Mousouri Theatre and a couple of traditional cafes once stood alone here. Suddenly everything changed! Athenians started discovering every corner of their city. The quiet and picturesque square, with the church of St. George dominating in the center, quickly became a favourite hangout in Athens: all day long cafes, bars that will satisfy all music preferences packed with people, night or day, coming off work, or just wandering around after shopping. There is a place that will do for you, either you want to dance to loud music all night long or have a quite talk with a friend.

•Agia Eirini Square
Agia Eirini Square is the king of Athens nightlife, situated at the corner of Aiolou and Karagiorgi Servias, next to Kolokotroni street, near Plaka and Monastiraki. Tables and chairs of the various cafes and bars are constantly cluttered with people chatting away while enjoying the imposing neoclassical buildings amongst the narrow streets and the church of Agia Eirini. Where new meets old this is an atmosphere you shouldn’t miss! Here you’ll discover the most hip bars of the area, inspired cocktails and drinks, and as rumours have it the best souvlaki in town. Enjoy the magic!

Source: visitgreece

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Greek National Library moves to Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center (VIDEO-PHOTOS)

February 1, 2018
Greek National Library moves to Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center (VIDEO-PHOTOS)

Greek National Library moves to Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center (VIDEO-PHOTOS)


After three long years of preparations, the hundreds of thousands of books and other items in the Greek National Library‘s collections, are making the journey to their new, ultra-modern home.

The Library will soon be housed in it’s new premises in the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center .

The move is expected to be completed in April, when the library will gradually start to go into full operation.

The transfer began three weeks ago, with daily journeys by trucks safely delivering their precious cargo under controlled climate conditions, accompanied by library staff.


The books were then placed on shelves, or special vaults in the case of the rarer and more valuable manuscripts and books, as well as the impressive Book Tower, in a carefully planned and orchestrated operation.

Hundreds of people are currently using the reading rooms and PCs in the library’s lending section, which are bathed in the

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Athens Christmas Factory

December 20, 2017
Athens Christmas Factory

Athens Christmas Factory

Now into its fifth year, this wonderful festive event aimed at families, friends and people of all ages will be hosted once again at Technopolis in Gazi – next to Kerameikos metro station and very close to Athens’s city center and its main attractions – spreading Christmas joy and happiness all around!

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